The District C Institute


We teach high-potential professionals how to work in diverse teams to solve complex problems.


The Institute Is For You, If...

"This was the most meaningful professional development experience I’ve had in twenty years."

-- District C Fellow

You are an emerging leader in your organization. Your responsibilities are growing, and the complexity of your work is increasing. You thrive on this kind of challenge.

You are a progressive thinker. You are open to new ideas and approaches, especially ones that will push your thinking.

You are a self-improver. You are always looking for ways to get better at your craft.

Most important, you are committed. You understand the urgency of building the flexible mindsets and tools needed to solve big problems.

How It Works

Over the course of a 5-day summer intensive workshop, you will come together with three other Fellows to form a diverse team called a C Squad. Together, you will solve a real business problem for a real business. District C's experienced team of coaches will guide the experience, pushing you and your squadmates to develop the mindsets and tools needed to create innovative solutions to hard problems.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to work in diverse teams to solve complex problems. Building on your professional experience, you will further develop the mindsets and tools needed to do the work of collective problem solving. Including:

  • Design Thinking principles to develop creative and user-centered solutions to complex problems

  • Intentional questioning to leverage the strengths and unique perspectives of each team member

  • The Ladder of Inference to keep the team's conclusions and inferences grounded in observable data

  • Modeling techniques to break down complex systems and processes into their simpler, component parts

  • Meeting planning and facilitation protocols to optimize the productivity of your collective work

  • Tools and protocols to support self-reflection, self-direction, and self-management

2019 Schedule

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