You have been selected for District C

Congratulations! By now you should have received notification from your school that you have been selected for District C's fall 2019 C Squad program. You are among a group of 32 students selected from 32 area schools. We can't wait to work with you.

Schedule Options for Fall 2019

You will participate in just one of the eight schedule options listed below. When you register, you will have the opportunity to indicate your top schedule choices.

Fall 2019 C Squad schedule options

*In addition to the dates and times listed for each option, you and your Squad will schedule one additional 1-hour online meeting over each of the three weekends. You will work with your Squad to determine dates and times for these additional meetings. You will also have roughly 2-3 hours per week of individual work that you will do between meetings.

What is the District C experience like?

District C teaches high school students how to work together to solve real problems. “C Squads” of four diverse students from four different area schools work together to solve a real problem for a real business. You will dedicate out-of-school time for one month (mostly using online collaboration tools) to design and propose a solution that you will pitch to your business partner on Pitch Night. Throughout this experience, you will be coached and supported by accomplished and experienced professionals. In short, this experience is designed to help you develop the mindsets and tools needed for the future of work.

What happens after C Squad?

C Squad is just the beginning. After you complete the fall program you will be a part of the District C community of young talent from all over the region. This means ongoing opportunities to attend District C workshops (eg, “How to prepare for your college interview”), apply for internships, and receive mentorship. District C’s goal is to support you for the long term.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Unique professional experience working on real problems for real businesses

  • Relationship-building and collaboration with a diverse set of peers and stakeholders from all over the region

  • Development of 4 critical career mindsets: Analytical, Design, Collective, and Self-Aware

  • Application of design-thinking methodologies to solve hard problems

  • Experience using virtual collaboration tools

  • A one-of-a-kind experience to highlight on your college application

  • Inclusion in the District C community of young talent and all the ongoing opportunities that come with it (workshops, mentoring, potential internships)

Is there a fee?

No. Funding is provided by sponsors, so your participation in C Squad is free of charge.

Who are the coaches?

Anne Jones and Dan Gonzalez, founders of District C, will be your coaches. You can learn more about them here

How can I learn more?

We want you to be fully committed to and excited for this experience before deciding to move forward. To that end, take some time with a parent or guardian to:

  • Learn more about the C Squad program here.

  • Watch this video to get a sense for the District C experience.

  • Talk with peers who have participated in the past. Find their names on the Future Talent page of the site.

  • Review the list of schedule options above.

  • Reach out to Dan at District C here if you have any questions about the program.

What are the next steps?

  1. Tell your School Champion (the person who nominated you) that you'd like to participate.

  2. You will receive an email from Dan at District C with a link to a registration form.

  3. The registration form will ask you to provide contact information and your preferred schedule options for the fall.