We are building the most diverse and prepared talent pipeline in the country.

163 students have participated in the #FirstInTalent Accelerator (from 41 different high schools, 60% female, 58% students of color)
8 students have been connected to internships and jobs through District C’s network.
Average student recommendation rate is 9.2 on a 10 point scale.

Our students are adding real value back to the community.

17 business partners have provided real problems for District C’s student work.
94% of business partners have implemented, or plan to implement, at least parts of the solutions that District C students proposed to them.
Average business recommendation rate is 9.8 on a 10 point scale.

We are transforming the way that teachers and schools think about real-world learning.

10 educators have been trained through the District C Coaching Institute (from 5 different high schools).
270 additional students have had a District C-supported experience through our trained educators.
Average educator recommendation rate is 9.7 on a 10 point scale.