Title Partner -- #FirstInTalent Movement

HQ Raleigh is more than a co-working space with over 150 members -- it is the heart of Raleigh's innovation community. 

HQ is a physical hub where big thinkers and big ideas collide. The result is a diverse and collaborative community of entrepreneurs striving to grow purpose-driven, high-impact businesses. 

As a title partner in the #FirstInTalent movement, HQ connects District C with its community of business members and is the site host for District C workshops and events. Through this partnership, District C students have the chance to work in the innovation community -- with real businesses, on real problems, and shoulder to shoulder with the region's most promising entrepreneurs. 


Title Partner -- #FirstInTalent Movement

The eClinic at NC State is an award-winning entrepreneurship program housed at HQ Raleigh, the heart of Raleigh's innovation and startup community.

Real-world learning experiences are at the core of the eClinic model. Teams of college students serve as consultants for area startups and businesses, giving these students the opportunity to hone their problem solving and critical thinking skills in an authentic environment before starting their own businesses or launching their careers.  

As title partners in the #FirstInTalent movement, the eClinic and District C strive to create a learning pathway -- from high school through college -- for the next generation of talent. “District C teaches high school students how to think through hard problems and put their ideas to work. These are the kinds of students -- students with real-world problem solving experience -- that we want at the eClinic and NC State.” -- Lewis Sheats, Executive Director of the eClinic