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The job description of the future? Leverage diversity. Work collectively. Solve complex problems.  


Preparing the next generation of talent will require a new mode of learning. District C empowers schools to meet the challenge.


“How Rare Is That?” (A story from the District C Coaching Institute)

Meet Jordan, District C student from Southeast Raleigh HS

What We Do

1. Partner

We partner with forward-thinking high schools from across the region to recruit diverse cohorts of teachers looking for innovative ways to prepare students for the real world.

2. Train

Through our Coaching Institute, we train these teachers to implement our “C Squad” program, a real-work learning experience designed to teach students how to work together to solve real problems.

3. Implement

We connect our partner schools and coaches to the District C ecosystem -- a network of peer schools, startups, businesses, and innovation hubs through which these real-work learning experiences come to life.

4. Support

We provide ongoing support, guidance, and resources to our partner schools as they expand their District C implementation to reach more teachers and students.