Reimagining the Internship

Introducing Teamship

Teamship is a reimagined internship experience that prepares students for modern work. Teams of students solve real problems for real businesses, all with the support of an expert coach.

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Want to do Teamship? Hear from Teamship alum, get inspired, and find a Teamship program to join.


Want to adopt Teamship? Learn more about how to bring Teamship to your students in your school or district.


Want to get involved? Partner with us to get teams of students engaged with your business problems.


of our business partners say they are more likely to consider a student for employment if that student has done Teamship.


Schools and institutions have adopted Teamship.


Educators have been certified to be Teamship coaches.


Students have had a Teamship experience.


Businesses have offered real problems through Teamship.

What People are Saying

The Latest

“It’s exciting, it’s collaborative, it prepares you for the future.” Dalaicia, a rising senior in Johnston County, shares her Teamship experience. Watch the 3-minute video here.


Closing words from Doc Shufelt, General Manager of Republic Wireless, after hearing business solution proposals from two Teamship teams. This is the next generation of diverse talent making an early impression on local employers.

One of our favorite quotes from the article: “District C sparked a love of problem-solving in me. Whatever career I choose, I’m definitely going to take that with me.” Read the article.

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