Business Partners

District C’s network of business partners provides real problems for student teams to solve.

Join our growing network of businesses helping prepare the next generation of talent.

Become a Business Partner

Our business partners represent all types of organizations from across industries — startups and large corporations, nonprofits and for profits, retail and high tech, and everything in between. The one commonality is that all of our partners believe in the following:

  • We need to prepare our students differently for an economy that is rapidly changing, and the business community has an important role to play.

  • Access to prepared talent is the single most important driver of success for the businesses and institutions at the heart of our communities.
  • A diverse, equitable, and inclusive approach to talent development is not only the fair and ethical path forward, it’s also good for business.

If this is you, we hope you’ll join us in this work.

What Our Business Partners are Saying

How It Works

Business partners provide real business problems that set the context for student work across our growing list of member schools. This means an opportunity to have diverse teams of students working on your problems. District C’s certified coaches are responsible for providing day-to-day support and guidance to the student teams, so your time commitment is limited to the blocks outlined here.

First, we’ll get you all set up:

1. Connect

Take just a few seconds to complete the interest form above. We will follow up to schedule a short online conversation.

YOUR TIME: 0.5 hours

2. Get Matched

When a District C member school or organization requests a business partner match, we’ll get in touch.


3. Preparation

Meet with the District C team to identify an urgent and meaningful business problem impacting your organization.

YOUR TIME: 0.5 hours

And then start your engagement with student teams:

4. Launch Interview

Attend a student-led meeting and answer questions about you, your business, and the problem.

YOUR TIME: 1.5 hours

5. Check-In

Attend an online check-in, scheduled at your convenience, to hear student ideas and offer feedback.

YOUR TIME: 1 hour

6. Pitch Event

Hear solution pitches from student teams, ask questions, and workshop their ideas in front of an audience.

YOUR TIME: 1.5 hours

What Our Business Partners are Saying


businesses have offered real problems through Teamship.


of business partners have implemented, or plan to implement, at least parts of the solutions that District C students proposed to them.


is the average rating given by business partners when asked if they would recommend District C to another business leader. (10-pt scale)

Example Problems

Problems that businesses pose to student teams tend to fall into three broad categories:

Operations & Process Improvement

Example: Clinispan Health, a startup that increases access to and diversity in medical studies, was looking to improve their participant sign up experience.

Employee Engagement & Hiring

Example: Novo Nordisk, a top global producer of insulin, was seeking strategies to increase representation by getting young women interested in technical roles.

Targeted Marketing & Growth

Example: Citrix, a multinational software provider, was looking to increase the Customer Success Team's client retention rate from 75% to 90%.


How often will my organization get matched?

It depends on how you want to get involved, but we love to see involvement at least once a year.

Yes! We hope your first experience is so valuable that you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Some engagements are as short as one week (Launch Meeting on Monday, Pitch Event on Friday), and others can be as long as 9 weeks. The typical engagement runs 4-6 weeks.

The 30-minute conversation is an opportunity for you to learn more about District C and the important role that you play in our work, and for us to get to know you and your organization. We think you’ll be 100% sold after having a chance to chat with us, but we want to be sure you get all the information you need before opting in. Also, not every business is a good fit for this work. This is our chance to make sure it’s a fit as well.


No problem. We will discuss what timing works best for you, and you’ll have the option whether or not to accept any opportunity that comes your way. If needed, we’ll just put you back into the rotation for future opportunities.


Think problem, not project. Projects are task-oriented and have a clear direction. Problems are messy, complex, and could have a variety of solutions. We also urge business partners to think of something that is meaningful and urgent while being accessible to students. Remember that you will be fully guided by a District C team member when framing up a problem for students to solve!

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