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6 educators and District C coaches at VACTEA conference

Co-founder, Anne Jones, presents with a panel on Teamship


District C co-founder Anne Jones got to co-present with some of our favorite Virginia partners and District C Certified Coaches at the VACTEA conference (Virginia Association of CTE Administrators) outside of Richmond earlier this month. Thank you VACTEA for allowing us to bring this inspiring crew together to share stories and perspectives on Teamship! We couldn’t be more proud to be in this work with all of you.

District C Board Member

Announcing… our new Partnerships Board!

We are thrilled to welcome our Partnerships Board members who will be helping us connect students with more incredible mentors through their business partner recruitment efforts! See the full list of members at the bottom of this page.

The Latest

Blogs & Articles

Image with co-founder Dan Gonzalez picture promoting CTE podcast episdoe
Sylvester Chisom interviews Dan Gonzalez and shares their conversation on how to balance technical and human skills for success, tackle real business problems in the classroom, and discover the power of Teamship in equalizing voices in team dynamics.
Teachers and students together in front of a white board.
Hear directly from students on their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers and District C coaches.
People on stage with a big check after winning an award.
Congratulations to SparkNC for winning the ASU+GSV Summit Education Innovation Showcase. We are so proud to be partnered with you on this journey bringing students of NC Teamship experiences!
Students smiling in front of projector screen
Students today are not having the same experience their parents did when pursuing an internship. Co-written with NAF, we share how students are solving real-world problems and not running to get coffee.
Kayle Maxfield
Teamship alum Kayle Maxfield shares her experience through Teamship and the skills she will take with her in her college and career journey.
CTE Month Logo
What is CTE? Career and technical education, or CTE, prepares students for high-wage, high-skill and high-demand careers. Celebrate CTE Month today and advocate for more work-based learning opportunities for students.
Clayton Christensen Institute logo
In most conversations about education innovation today, skills are the “what”, and tech-enabled efficiency (increasingly powered by AI) is the “how.” A “skills-plus-tech” algorithm misses the relationships that ensure students have the support they need and the opportunities they want. That's where District C provides a solution.
By intentionally creating diverse teams and integrating District C's coaching philosophies, the students in Milwaukee Public Schools built psychological safety with each other to work through the business problem, establish trust, and take risks.
Student at computer with SparkNC logo
"In the next five years, almost every area of our lives will be fundamentally changed by advances in artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies."
Student explaining her Teamship experience
Last summer, 640 students in the state of North Carolina took part in Teamship – a reimagined internship where teams of students solve real problems for real businesses. Hear from students and business partners as they share their experiences in the Summer Career Accelerator (SCA).
NAF logo
First, what's a mentored industry project? Dan Gonzalez, co-founder of District C, explains these projects and 3 helpful tips on how to coach students.
6 educators and District C coaches at VACTEA conference
VACTEA panel Michelle Simmons, Anne Jones, Cynthia Chambers, Dr. Aundrea Smiley, Regina Williams, and Rebecca Saunders.
District C student
Teamship alumna Alexandria Meeks from Vance County schools shares her experience working with a real business in this EdNC article, including why she thinks more schools and students should have Teamship programs. Read the article here.
District C 5k
The Teamship program continues to impact more educators, schools, and students. As of the end of August 2023, District C has provided over 5,000 learning experiences -- 5,145 to be exact! Here’s to more opportunities in the future for students solving real-world business problems!


District C

For the first time, a District C Certified Coach guided students through an intercultural problem-solving experience. Read more here about how UNC Wilmington ran a collaborative Teamship program with students at Vistula University in Poland!

District C Instuctor

We feel honored to surpass this big milestone! Let’s celebrate all of our incredible Teamship alumni who have invested time and energy to solve real problems for real businesses in order to prepare themselves for modern work. We’re getting ready to support another 1,000+ students this summer!

District C

Mercedes, a student in Vance County Schools, and Briana, a Senior Engineer at Dell, share their experience working together in the Spark Teamship program. Watch the inspiring video here.

District C general meeting

Karen Cho, Program Manager, shared how technology is rapidly changing the way we need to prepare the next generation of talent for modern work. Read more in the LinkedIn post here.

District C general meeting

At the Virginia Leads Innovation Network (VaLIN) meeting in Richmond, District C Co-Founders connected with school divisions across the state about how we can better prepare the next generation of innovators through programs like Teamship.

District C general meeting

After doing the Teamship program multiple times, a student named Sage from GRACE Christian School decided to post about her experience on LinkedIn (without prompting from her coach!) Read here.

Zoom meeting

At our Community Event, we heard from Wake County students, coaches, and the CTE Director about their experiences with District C. Watch the recording here.

4 people on strairs

Triangle Business Journal recently featured District C’s approach to preparing the next generation of diverse talent, and how businesses across the Triangle can get involved. Read the article here.

trending in ed

District C’s Dan Gonzalez joined host Mike Palmer and the Trending in Education podcast for a conversation about preparing young people for the future of work. Listen here.

meeting near window
District C

As a panelist at the NC Chamber conference, District C’s Anne Jones joined education and workforce leaders to discuss alignment between education and workforce needs. Read the EdNC article here to learn more about the conference.

District C

“…North Carolina-based District C… [is] fueling the talent pipeline for our state’s employers.” Read the full article here.

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