Coaching Institute

A professional development experience that empowers exceptional educators to bring the Teamship model back to their schools or institutions.

The Coaching Institute Experience

1. DO It

Learn the Teamship model by doing Teamship as a student. Work with Coaching Fellows from other schools to solve a real business problem for a real business with support from District C’s experienced team.

WHY? This is an entirely different kind of learning experience. To coach students effectively, you first need to understand what their learning experience looks and feels like.

2. SEE It

Observe student teams and coaches in action. Watch pre-recorded “game tape” and analyze team dynamics, student interactions, and coaching moves. Then participate in debriefs with your cohort to share observations.

WHY? Coaching is about meeting students where they are, balancing support and challenge, and teaching students to fish. The best way to get better is to see it in action.

3. Get Certified

Complete a 75-minute online coaching assessment with the District C team. Coach parts of the Teamship experience with mock students, analyze student teams at work, and demonstrate your mastery of the coaching philosophy.

WHY? We are invested in your readiness, and we want to support you in being the best coach you can be when you set out to launch your own Teamship experience.

See schedule options & apply.

A story from the District C Coaching Institute

Follow three of our Coaching Fellows as they work to solve a problem for A Place At The Table, a pay-what-you-can cafe in downtown Raleigh, as part of the DO it phase of the Coaching Institute.

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