Find A Teamship Program

We’re excited you want to do Teamship! Please note that programs are available only in school districts and at schools where we have partnerships. If you’d like to do Teamship but aren’t finding a program that you qualify for, send us a note here to express your interest. We’ll keep you posted on any upcoming opportunities.

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NC Teamship Showcase

Teamship alumni students are invited to apply to participate in the annual NC Teamship Showcase run in partnership with SparkNC and NCSSM. Interested students may share their contact information here.

Ablr Teamship

District C has partnered with Ablr to provide a Teamship program during 3-weeks of their summer-long Ablr Works Pre-ETS program that prepares visually impaired and blind students for careers. The […]

Spark Teamship Statewide

Students in participating Spark districts are encouraged to join us for Spark Teamship Statewide! Interested students can go to https://register.districtc.co/spark-teamship for more details and registration.

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