April is National Internship Month

Students smiling in front of projector screen

It’s National Internship Awareness Month! Not all internships are created equal.

District C has reimagined the internship for students to prepare them for modern-day work. Unlike a traditional internship, students solve real problems for real businesses in small, diverse teams through a Teamship experience. Through the collaboration with NAF, Teamship counts as a 40-hour mentored industry project. Three NAF academies have implemented Teamship – with 599 (and counting!) total students completing the experience. As an example, students at Clarence Central High School in New York, solved a business program for the VA. During the pitch, both local and U.S. Government VA employees and executives participated and asked questions of the students.

Read more on how NAF considers the importance of mentored industry projects and how Teamship plays an important part.

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