District C recognized by Clayton Christensen Institute as an innovator in education

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District C is on a mission to provide students nationwide access to Teamship. Thank you Clayton Christensen Institute for recognizing District C as an innovator leading the way!

Julia Freeland Fisher writes, “This year I’ll be watching 3 types of innovation that could humanize an education field where skills and AI stand to dominate the narrative:
1. Orgs that offer student-centric career experiences (as opposed to employer-centric ones)
2. Models and policies that incentivize people to act as network brokers on behalf of learners and workers (rather than leaving connections to chance or individual hustle)
3. Tools that leverage AI to scale, rather than replace, human-to-human conversations (especially in the college + career navigation space)

Read more here in the article posted by the Christensen Institute and how District C is part of the solution.

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