District C Mindsets

The word Analytical with an icon of stacked building blocks, first two, then, one, then three with the top block colored in

Real problems are messy. Break them down before jumping to solutions.

What do Analytical people do to break down complex problems?

Diverge. Build expertise for the problem and solution by gathering new information from multiple points of view.

Converge. Simplify by synthesizing existing knowledge with new information and focusing on the most relevant and interesting aspects.

The word Design with icon of arrows arranged in a continuous circle

Planning is good, but doing is better. Do, test, adapt, and innovate.

What do Designers do to create solutions that users will love?

Iterate. Build early prototypes, test ideas with users, learn from feedback, adapt, and do again.

Innovate. Get out-of-the-box by digging for insights about user needs and motivations, generating lots of ideas, and challenging assumptions.

The word Collective with icon of spokes feeding into a central hub

The best teams are diverse teams. Leverage the power of different perspectives.

What do Collective people do to optimize team performance?

Build Trust. Promote psychological safety by getting to know each other personally, asking and listening, and modeling vulnerability.

Structure the Work. Maximize team productivity by setting clear goals and individual responsibilities, and implementing team processes that allow for all voices and perspectives to be heard.

The word Self-Aware with icon of a measurement gauge

You are responsible for you. Proactively manage your growth and productivity.

What do Self-Aware people do to maximize their growth and productivity?

Self-Reflect. Know your strengths and weaknesses, mine your successes and failures for learning opportunities, and understand how others perceive you.

Self-Direct. Follow through on your commitments, be proactive in the face of uncertainty, stay positive in the face of challenge, and recover from setbacks.