Guidelines for Nominating Students


Who makes for a great C Squad nominee? Maybe the straight A student, the captain of the team, or the editor of the school paper, but not necessarily just them.

We want students who know they can do and be more, who want to break out of their school walls to learn from a diverse set of peers and coaches, and who want to contribute to something bigger than themselves. 

A student who currently demonstrates some or all of the “emerging mindsets” as outlined below is a good fit for the C Squad experience and continued development toward the 4 Mindsets.

The word Analytical with an icon of stacked building blocks, first two, then, one, then three with the top block colored in

Real problems are messy. Break them down before jumping to solutions.

Emerging Student Mindsets:

+ I think Excel is cool.

+ I used Inspiration to map out how I think this system works.

+ My parents' coffee maker broke so I took it apart. 

+ I started by reading as much as I could to learn more.

The word Design with an icon of arrows arranged in a continuous circle

Planning is good, but doing is better. Do, test, adapt, and innovate.

Emerging Student Mindsets:

+ That didn't work, but I figured out what went wrong and tried again.

+ Let's see what people think before we do more.

+ Could you give me some feedback on this?

+ I want to do a mash-up of comics and Waiting For Godot for my English paper.

The word Collective with an icon of spokes feeding into a central hub
The word Self-Aware with an icon of a measurement gauge

The best teams are diverse teams. Leverage the power of different perspectives.

Emerging Student Mindsets:

+ It wasn't what I wanted to do, but now I think it's even better than my idea.

+ I didn't know that happened to you. How did you react?

+ Our rival school is going to help us with our food drive.

+ My article in the school paper helped my class see why these students didn't feel safe.

You are responsible for you. Proactively manage your growth and productivity.

Emerging Student Mindsets:

+ I try to think about what I'm good at, like I think I'm a good writer.

+ I found a way to do it even without clear directions. 

+ I chose not to do a winter sport so I could focus on my science fair project.

+ That didn't go as planned. I have a better process in mind for next time.