Summer Career Accelerator

Teamship is a reimagined internship where teams of students solve real problems for real businesses. In 2023, 640 Teamship students from 18 districts solved problems for 89 businesses.

How Summer Teamship Works

Over one or two intensive weeks, teams of students solve meaningful and urgent problems for businesses and organizations from your community. No case studies or hypotheticals. The most critical part of the experience is that it’s real.


District C groups students with different backgrounds, strengths, and perspectives into problem-solving teams of 4 students each.


Teams learn the mindsets and tools needed for collective problem solving and interview their business partner to better understand the business problem.


With support from their coach, teams work to understand the root problem, test potential solutions, and create a solution proposal for the business partner.


Teams propose their solution to the business partner and answer questions in a live workshop attended by community stakeholders, school partners, and parents.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Business Partners

We source, screen, and schedule the business partners, and we work with them to scope a real problem for student work.


We train and support your educators, or we can recruit experienced coaches from our existing network.

Program Administration

We know you’re busy! We’ll handle all the planning, coordination, and logistics leading up to and during the program.

Our Summer 2023 Partners

We are proud to have partnered with the following districts for the Summer Career Accelerator in 2023. Ready to join us in 2024? I’m interested.

Region 2 - Southeast

Region 3 - North Central

Region 4 - Sandhills

Region 5 - Piedmont-Triad

Region 6 - Southwest

2023 Highlights
“I’m feeling… amazing.”

We asked a few Summer Teamship students from Johnston County how they felt at the end of their Summer Teamship experience, right after they pitched their solutions to their business partners in front of a live audience. Here’s what they said.

"I forgot they were in high school. I thought they were in college or even junior consultants!"

Hear from business partners who provided real business problems to Teamship students.

"I didn't like working in teams. After District C, I found working in teams can give you a lot of perspectives from other people and it's helped me grow."

Hear from more SCA 2023 students!

Ready to bring Teamship to your students?


What is Summer Career Accelerator?

Part of NC’s COVID relief funds have been granted to Summer Career Accelerator (SCA) programming. Through SCA, each school district has been allocated funds to spend on career-based learning opportunities.

Yes! The Summer Career Accelerator program is funded through PRC 188. If you are out of 188 funds, please contact us. We may have alternative funding sources.

Yes, Teamship is recognized by NCDPI as a qualifying program for Summer Career Accelerator (PRC 188).

Rising 9th through 12th grade students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and academic profiles.

It depends on the number of school sites you’d like to include. We recommend between 24 and 60 students for each school site.

Yes, or you can use our Teamship coaches. Either way, quality coaching is key to the Teamship experience. The advantage of training and certifying your educators is that they can use their certification after the summer to implement Teamship on an ongoing basis to augment career preparation courses and programs at their schools. If you’d prefer not to train educators, District C can provide expert, certified coaches.

One intensive week (full days) or two intensive weeks (half days).

Yes. District C sources, recruits, and screens the business partners, and we work with them to define a problem for student work. If you’d like to partner with specific businesses in your community, you can introduce them to us and we’ll take it from there.

Yes. We handle all program aspects including business partner management, student onboarding and communication, coach support, tech setup and management, and pitch event management.

Referencing the state workforce goals of NCDPI, Teamship “prepares the future workforce with the skills and experiences required to be successful productive citizens, providing a robust talent pipeline that powers the State’s economic development efforts.” Teamship also supports the following NCDPI goal: “Ensure that all students engage in career exploration and real-world learning activities through the K-12 journey.”

We will measure the following: (1) value delivered by student teams (as measured by percentage of business partners who intend to implement student solutions), (2) employability (as measured by employers’ perception of Teamship-experienced students versus non-Teamship-experienced students), and (3) durable skill development related to teamwork and complex problem solving (as measured by self-reporting of before-and-after confidence levels related to teamwork and complex problem solving).

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